Alaa al-Garmsar Tourism Complex Open Learning Institute 

On Thursday dated 06.06.1395 tourist complex with Mr. doctor Farhadi Minister of Science, Research and Technology, doctor Bakery Governor of Semnan province, Gholam Reza Kateb doctor honorable representative people of Garmsar, Arad, Eyvanakey, the Governor's doctor Darius Taheri city Garmsar Garmsar city officials, including the chief and most respected law enforcement, Branch Dear mayor, city Council, Prefect of the venerable city of Garmsar, university presidents Branch was opened. could be a model for other centers of higher education. Is noteworthy tourist complex Alaa al-Garmsar link between the training institution in the field of architectural restoration and management is tourism.

Tourism manage complex situations, the training institution of higher education Ala Simnani

The old buildings of historical value, religious, spiritual and artistic, while this type of architectural typology in the context of old cities and villages in Iran represents a specific pattern of Iranian architecture. .. crystallization of Iranian architecture. The distribution of these buildings are concentrated in cities and villages, that laboratory for the future architecture and is considered the national capital. The building, a training laboratory for students of restoration and management of transplant tourism is the first industry and academia is in Garmsar. Integrated tourism management training institution of higher education with an area of three thousand square meters of Garmsar, Semnan Ala very well equipped with several residential suites in four-star hotels, gyms, restaurants, traditional and modern, handicraft center of Semnan province, salt room therapy, telescope viewing beautiful stars and others in the village of Haji Abad desert town of Garmsar on the road at 5 km East of Mashhad to Tehran.