We are pleased and appreciate that you have chosen our “Shining Star Desert Garmsar” (SSDG) Hotel for your stay and hope you will find our accommodation and services up to your expectations.
Our entire SSDG Hotel team is committed to providing you with a warm welcome, comfort and convenience during your stay and a parting wish for yours safe travel and speedy return. We guarantee 100% guest satisfaction at SSDG Hotel. Please call on any member of our hotel staff if you need assistance or have a problem during your stay. If you are not satisfied, we do not expect you to pay. We hope you will find your stay so pleasurable that you will select our Hotel each time travel brings you to Iran. In this directory you will find detailed information about the guest services offered at the hotel. Should you need something which is not listed, or require assistance quickly, please call our manger on duty. Enjoy your stay. We look forward to welcoming you back to the SSDG hotel.
50% in autumn
On the occasion of the opening of the autumn discount hotel
Per person